Gameday Bitcoin – How much is it worth today?

Way back when in what seems like the land before time, that happened yesterday, was the year 2013. One brave collegiate soul braved College GameDay, a program covering college football that picks a new place every week, held up a sign “HI MOM SEND” and a QR code with a Bitcoin logo. Genious. By BusinessInsiders count, the kid got 22.43… Bitcoin. At this point BTC had a rough value of $1100 per coin, so roughly $24,000.


Which brings us to today, Bitcoin is the subject of conversations both for and against, injecting the meme culture with liveliness unseen since Beyonce made the ugly face in her most notable Superbowl performance. A single Bitcoin is also worth $19,000. That means that this kid’s wallet holding 22.43 BTC would be worth roughly $426,000. This is assuming he didn’t sell it immediately to buy a single pledge’s worth of Coors Light through rush.

Cheers to this kid, and if you feel like sending more in, you probably still can from the QR code or the wallet address below.




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