A lesson in long-term investing.

If you haven’t read Tony Robbins’ book “Unshakeable” stop reading this and read that book first, that is unless you want an unabridged “I told you so” story.

Nearly two and a half years ago, while at my previous job with an arguable amount of free time, I set up this trial account on Yahoo Finance. I picked 7 companies, below, that either we were working with at the company, or ones I thought could bring value to a portfolio.

Mind you, I knew nothing of investing. This was fun money, and best of all it was never real money. Here comes the lesson, I wish it had been…


I’m sure you were drawn to that green in the center, that’s usually a good thing. Notice it’s the only one on there during this current & massive sell-off from, not just FAANG holdings, but much of the market. These are unheard of times in the era of an exploding economy meets a broadening sobriety.

GERN is both the one that got away and the girl I saw at the bar and couldn’t find the courage to talk to. [FOMO.]

The scenario where GERN skyrockets 150% in a month is not one I planned for, obviously, nor do I think any one person planned on. [Hoped for? That’s an entirely different story altogether.]


Back to the task at hand. My paltry 1,000 shares of GERN are now worth a staggering $5,640. Why does this seem like a lot? Because in many scenarios this number could feed a small nation, regardless, it was generated by an initial investment of only $2,310 back on 1/13/15.


I didn’t have to work for it. I didn’t slave behind a desk for 20 of 31 days this month to earn that money, I simply forgot about it

To paraphrase the lesson of Tony Robbins, passive investing is truly investing. Right now we’re approaching the short term debt/production cycle where people “lose money” in the stock market. This is a FALSE statement.

Sure the value of the asset declines, but you can only “lose” it when you sell it to someone who values it for less than you think or know it’s worth. Don’t take it from me, take it from Tony. Don’t invest what you’re not willing to lose, but don’t make the mistake of not winning, by not playing.

In summary, yes I’m kicking myself for not really investing in GERN two years ago, but if I treated this stock like I have treated all the others, I would have watched it INCESSANTLY until I reached a point where I thought my money was left in better hands than theirs. Knowing my tendencies as a hawk-like investor, focused on daily movers, sold for less and missed a spectacular opportunity for a long-term gain.

If the company is sound and you see it being a player 5 or 10 years down the line, treat it like the tried and true methods of Buffet’s investing strategy, forget about it. The more you look, the more you want to sell. Buy to hold and forget to sell, you’ll thank yourself later.

-This message was brought to you by the short selling of FB before the Cambridge Analitica Scandal and Troegs First Cut IPA, a 45 IBU mango infused, sweet, hoppy, homerun of a brew from the Troegs Bros.

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